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The 3rd International Aircraft Engineering Summit 2016

The 3rd International Aircraft Engineering Summit 2016 (AES CHINA 2016) achieved full success on 15th June 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre Multi-Functional Conference Hall. This event was organized by Golden Commercial, sponsored by International Business Machines Corporation-IBM and supported by Aviation Authorities, Major Airlines, Airport Groups, Aviation Maintenance Companies, Aircraft Manufacturers, Engine Manufacturing Enterprises, Equipment Manufacturers, Component Suppliers as well as global aviation professionals. Attendees expanded lectures and discussions on the topics of aviation maintenance and aircraft interiors.

The summit kicked off in a wonderful speech by Mr. Jian LIU, the Vice Chief Engineer of Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd-COMAC. Mr. LIU made a speech of “Domestic Civil Aircraft Industry Design and Development Prospects”, analyzing the industry status of domestic regional aircraft which enter in international market by popular price. He indicated that the development of large civil aircraft need a long cycle time and large investment, and can no longer use the promise of lower prices to compete. It should be based on industry design competition to make it productization, serialization, benefits and branding.

The following is a lecture by Zhongke XU, the MRO consultant of IBM(the sponsor of the event) about IT Innovation and Application of Aviation Maintenance. IBM, cooperating with Airbus, has developed Maintenance Information Management System, Comprehensive Internet of Things and Big Data Technology, provides cutting-edge information technology support for MRO. Mr. Xu told many success stories of related systems in the practical application, and showed the huge benefits by using aviation maintenance technological innovation for professional guests.

As a associate professor of Nanchang Hangkong University, Dr. Jianghua XU is mainly engaged in product design and development of aviation and aviation design culture research, He presided over a number of aviation companies commissioned projects. Based on his own teaching and research experience, Dr. XU shared a speech of innovation design of civil aircraft cabin interiors products and facilities.

Huazhen YAO working in SABIC Specialties SBU- Technology and Innovation, focus on lightweight thermoplastics solutions for Aircraft and Rail interiors technical research or application development. He shared how the new and innovative materials improve the safety and sustainability by reducing the weight and cost, and optimize comfort and aesthetics of cabin environment.

Hank CAI, the general manager of STG aerospace China, made a speech of design innovation and technical support of cabin lighting system. Hank shared the understanding, research concepts and achievement of the cabin lighting system innovation and technology from STG team, and also briefly described the professional knowledge of light as well as the importance of the lighting in aircraft cabin.

The aviation interiors panel was host by Jian LIU, the Vice Chief Engineer of Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd-COMAC , participated by Mr. Chunmin WANG, SABIC Industrial Marketing Manager, Mr. Hank CAI, general manager of STG Aerospace and other corporate executives. They analyzed the demand and prospects of aircraft interior of OEMs, interior products suppliers, material suppliers and other different perspectives.

During coffee break, Attendees promoted the exchange and communication by visiting the booth, exchanging business cards and other means.

Focusing on Aviation MRO and Aircraft Interiors, By presenting comprehensive topics, sufficient discussion with professional content and gathering massive industry representatives of high level, The event devotes itself to present a successful industry meeting and a high-level communication platform for China aviation maintenance and aircraft interior industry. The 4th International Aircraft Engineering Summit (AES CHINA) will be hold in June, 2017. Look forward to see all friends again.