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FMA CHINA 2015- The Exhibition of China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products 2015 Publicity Document

The top influential professional exhibition of Meat& Aquatic Products in Asia-The Exhibition of China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 10th to 12th, 2015. Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed on the 29th executive meeting of the State Council, “ stabilizing the import of domestic demanding resources, implementing a reasonable increase of general consumer goods importing, beef, lamb meat, aquatic products and others which are closely related to people’s life. The event is put into practice under this important instruction. The leading cadre of “General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine” holds high expectation to the event. Commissioner Mr. Zhi Shu Ping made command “Make the event a success”. During the 3-day exhibition session, FMA CHINA received thousands of exhibitors from Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Brazil, Australia, America, Norway, China, etc. First-rank food suppliers of meat, aquatic products, diary products and others attended the event, received more than 30,000 professional audience and buyers. More than 25,000 square meters show area covered a broad range of exhibiting products, including leisure food and beverage, aviation food, meat, aquatic product, diary product, fruit& vegetable, cooking oil, central kitchen devices, cold-chain logistics, cross-border E-commerce, and so on. Domestic and oversea influential exhibitors include Toennies from Germany, Danish Crown from Denmark, BRF, JBS from Brazil, Cooperl, Sodiaal, Lactalis from France, and COFCO, SFGC from China. Along with FMA, International Exchanges of Import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations, China-France Diary Food Trade Meeting, Seminar on International Aviation Food Safety Supervision and Quality Control, International Cross-border Ecommerce & Payment Submit, China Imported Food Tasting and other food recommendation, Aviation Food buyer’s meeting, Shanghai Businessman Festival and other activities were taken place at the corresponding time period.
International Exchanges of Import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations, as the main synchronous event of FMA CHINA trade fair, was held in Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai, on June 9th, 2015. The host China Entry& Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association organized this meeting to analyze and discuss food laws and regulations, Quality and safety control, export policies to China, and to offer instructions to oversea food organizations, associations and enterprises on Chinese market accessing. The event  Provided a cooperation platform for foreign and domestic food traders. On the meeting, representatives of “General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine”, “Ministry of Agriculture”, “Health, Population and Family Planning Commission”, “General Administration of Customs”, Foreign Governments, Professionals, Industry organizations, Food Enterprises delivered speeches separately on “China food policy, laws and regulations”, “China farm produce safety control”, “Hygiene Registration Laws and Regulations for foreign food manufacturers”, “Smuggling Control of Meat Products”, “Risk Management of Oversea food Safety”. 
China-France Diary Food Trade Meeting was held to analyze and discuss diary food trade policies of China and France, promoting diary food trading between the two countries. The event was organized by French Agri-Food Committee and Shanghai Golden Expo. Official Organizations including “General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine-food Bureau”, “Certification And Accreditation Administration”, “Quarantine-Standard Regulations Center”, “Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine”, “China Food and Drug Administration”, “Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau”, “French Agri-Food Committee”, “French LAITA Diary cooperatives”, and French diary food manufacturers were invited to discuss and exchange:
▲ China’s present status of diary food importing, 
▲ future developing trend, 
▲ China’s laws and regulations to imported diary food, 
▲ Hygiene inspection standard, 
▲ China food safety laws and other laws on infant formula milk powder-laws and regulations for infant formula milk powder manufactured by entrusting parties and OEM manufacturing
▲ China’s registration system and procedure for foreign diary food manufacturers , and trade mark filing and registration
▲ Laws and regulations for food labeling, and case study
▲ testing technology difference
▲ Shanghai port quarantine requirements on imported diary food(especially infant formula milk and cheese products), and case study
▲ French food safety laws and regulations, supervision, and quality control over private brand, consignment manufacturing, OEM manufacturing for infant formula milk product. 
▲ French cheese hygiene safety and quality control
▲ French diary food corporation China branch registration procedure and new trade mark registration/ filing procedures after the changes of manufacturing environment and other information  
▲ China law enforcement background over imported diary food
▲ regulations of Labeling of diary production
Seminar on International Aviation Food Safety Supervision and Quality Control was held during the FMA fair. The meeting aimed to enhance aviation food hygiene supervision, upgrade quality control of air catering, pushing forward the issuing of industry standard for air catering, build up system of service-oriented government and self-discipline enterprises, establish supervision department and corporation profile sharing platform. The seminar was hosted by China Entry& Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association, co-organized by Shanghai Golden Expo. Officers from General Administration of Quality supervision, Inspection and Quarantine- Hygiene Department, Subordinate Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and affiliated airport authority, domestic and foreign aviation catering enterprises, first-rank suppliers in the industry and industry professionals attended the seminar, to discuss the practical operation of “Aviation food hygiene regulations”, “ Hygiene supervision”, “Aviation food quality control”, “Aviation Food testing”.
International Cross-border E-commerce& Payment Summit was an event to share the latest information of online business opportunities. The Summit was co-organized by China Entry& Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and Shanghai Golden Expo. The activity aims to draw attention of food enterprises to know about China’s E-commerce market, acquiring relevant government policy and industry information domestic and oversea. Food enterprises could seize the opportunity in advance to establish and promote their product and brand, seeking potential clients, establishing cooperation in E-commerce imported market. “General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine”, “General Administration of Customs”, “Ministry of Commerce of PRC-Department of Electronic Commerce and Informatization”, and other Professionals from cross-border E-commerce& Payment attended the summit, exchanged and discussed “How could a government guide the development of cross-border E-commerce”, “ China cross-border online shopping New time breaking”, “ cross-border E-commerce certification”, “ analysis of cross-border E-commerce payment solutions”, “ cross-border E-commerce opportunities and challenges”, “ cross-border E-commerce, credit is fortune”.  
China Import Food Tasting and other food recommendation, as one of the main activities of FMA CHINA, presented a new food culture with imported food material. The event aims to provide a platform for food enterprises to introduce product to the audience and potential buyers, and to introduce the new food culture. Mr. Dong Zhen Xiang (president of International Master Chef Committee of World Association of Chinese Cuisine General), and Ms. Xiong Li(Golden hostess of Beijing Literature and Art Radio FM87.6, High-life searching column) are invited to be the hosts. Mr. Dong Zhen Xiang and his chef present live cooking show, Chinese cuisine made from imported food material. The fine quality and taste of imported food material were performed to the buyers and audience. Meat, sea food, diary food and other imported food material from France, Spain, Brazil, and Denmark were presented in 5 sessions.
The meeting of businessmen in Shanghai were held on the 2nd day of FMA CHINA. The event was organized by Alibaba Group, supported by Golden Commercial. The principle of the event was Shanghai connecting, Shanghai uniting, internet and “The meeting of businessmen in Shanghai”. The host aims to build a festival for E-commerce enterprises, and to present E-commerce business opportunities under internet information age. Special guests from Alibaba Group and industry representatives delivered speeches on “Business innovation in large-data age”, “ Internet plus Finance”, “Internet and oversea E-trade”, “ Chinese dream of oversea traders”. Around 2000 E-commerce representatives attended the meeting.
Aviation food and supplies buyer’s presentation, which has been considered as the high-light of each trade fair Golden Commercial had hosted, provided a platform of cooperation to the suppliers and buyers in aviation industry. Cabin and catering departments from China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Hongkong Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Spring Airlines all set site purchasing counter, to collect samples and service information.
The signing ceremony between China Entry& Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and oversea food organizations was the highlight of FMA CHINA this year. Confederation of Organizations of Meat Manufacturers of Spain(OECE/CONFECARNE), German Meat Association, Brazilian Beef Association, French Diary Food Association all signed Letter of Cooperation Intent with CIQA. It’s a sign that food from above countries will enter into China and to be served on Chinese family dining table. The principle of this event is to provide green tunnel of market access and platform of cooperation to foreign food organizations and enterprises. 
After the success of FMA CHINA 1st session, the event gained approval from associations and enterprises world-widely. They hold great interest to attend the event annually as a regular promotion agenda, to collect new market information and seek cooperation. Based in Shanghai, with the support of the massive demand of China market, FMA China is marching to be the top influential food fair in Asia-Pacific. In order to promote the development of food importing and trading, the host China Entry& Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association(CIQA) and the co-organizer Golden Commercial will hold “The Exhibition of China International Food, Meat and Aquatic Products, 2nd Session” from June 14th-16th, 2016. Look forward to the gathering of industry corporations, organizations and government representatives in Shanghai next June. 
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