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Global Epidemic Prevention Materials Trade Fair


At the beginning of 2020, in the face of a sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus, the Chinese people of all ethnic groups have united as one to win the battle against the epidemic. At present, the epidemic has been basically controlled across the country, and the resumption of production and work have promoted in an orderly manner. However, with the spreading of the epidemic in foreign countries, the number of infected cases in developed countries and regions especially in Europe and the United States continues to rise, which has a major impact on the development of the world economy and the production and operation of domestic enterprises, as well as has caused more problems. In this war against the epidemic, the demand for epidemic prevention materials and important raw and auxiliary materials such as masks, gloves, protective clothing, goggles, infrared thermometers, disinfectants, alcohol has increased sharply, so that the shortage of epidemic prevention materials has become an urgent problem to be solved in various countries. As a major producer of epidemic prevention materials, China is actively expanding its capacity in response to the needs of epidemic prevention and control. Meanwhile, on the basis of ensuring the demand for prevention and control and the resumption of production and work, China has carried out the work of the export of epidemic prevention materials, providing tremendous support and a strong guarantee for the international community to jointly fight against epidemic. As a professional event for domestic epidemic prevention materials industry, Shanghai International Epidemic Prevention Materials Exhibition (PME) occupies an extremely important position in the significant exhibition of the international epidemic prevention materials industry. It aims to create a global platform of supply and demand for epidemic prevention materials, bringing together relevant enterprises across the country, especially China's high-quality enterprises which are specialized in epidemic prevention materials, equipment, production, foreign trade and logistic. It not only shows the qualified epidemic prevention materials to the world, but also enhances the image of Chinese products. Besides, it is convenient for domestic enterprises, related institutions, overseas governments and trade representatives to direct connect with outstanding enterprises, so as to purchase epidemic prevention materials, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and solve the urgent needs. In addition, the activities of the exhibition can greatly promote the export of related materials from Shanghai and Zhejiang, digest the production capacity of related enterprises, expand the sale channels of production enterprises, and open up all the circulation links of epidemic prevention materials, so that Shanghai and Zhejiang will become an important distribution center for the export of global epidemic prevention materials.

April 22-23,2021

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